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The company was founded in 2008 with the initial business of Kit Hid Xenon, A2Z WORLD Srl has extended its catalog throughout the automotive accessories and tuning sector, including trucks and motorcycles, as well as expanding into the lighting sector LED for home and industry. The company is constantly expanding and evolving, precisely because we are a young and dynamic company, we focus on the quality of our products, with a constantly updated and innovative design, but above all we are a perfect mix of professionalism, punctuality and reliability. The internal mechanism is synergistically integrated with the others, to give each customer the right product at the right time, without waste and without energy loss, following all our customers without distinction and above all with patience and cordiality that add to the professionalism.

During many years of experience, we have created the two fundamental brands in the two different sectors: "CARALL" for the automotive accessories and spare parts sector, "LEDLUX" for the LED lighting sector.

Our company is already very present in the national sales network, in recent years has evolved to ensure distribution in the international network. Despite this it is always looking for retailers in Italy and also abroad to increase the maximum coverage of the sale. The evolution of the needs of the market have led it to integrate imported products to the Made in Italy, without abandoning our strength that is quality, to be able to offer an increasingly wide range of items that are naturally certified and guaranteed. For them an internal laboratory has been created in the company that allows us to test all our products by checking the quality and compliance of the certifications before placing them on the market. In the company we directly take care of the drafting of the use and maintenance manuals of each product, to ensure that the in-house specialized staff is able to provide technical assistance to customers and consequently provide the best products from A to Z.

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LEDLUX is the registered trademark of the company A2Z WORLD SRL for the "Led Lighting" sector. Since 2008, A2Z World has introduced LED lamps of all kinds into its catalog. During these years the company has gained experience and professionalism, becoming an important reference point at national level for the distribution of LED lighting. In 2013, a small part of the structure was transformed into a laboratory in which a photopectrometer was installed. The latter allows to measure the real values ​​emitted by the LED lamps, thus providing the customer with more precise and detailed information on all the products available.


CARALL is the registered trademark of the company A2Z WORLD SRL for the "Accessories and Tuning Auto" sector. The "CARALL" brand is composed of two words in English "CAR" and "ALL", the literal translation in Italian is "all car", ie our idea is to provide products and service "All For Your Car", we are specialized in the whole automotive sector and for all your cars, and it is with this idea and perspective, that since 2008 we founded the company A2Z WORLD srl, the company is in continuous expansion and evolution, after years and years of commitments, CARALL is becoming a well-known brand in the sector throughout Italy, even at a global level.

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